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Saudi Navy rescues with EMS

12/14/2010: Saudi Navy, SA starts to operate with oxygen rescue systems by EMS.

Brussels Airlines signs contract with EMS

03/01/2011: Brussels Airlines, Brussels signs contract with EMS for delivery & maintenance of oxygen systems on board their flights.


03/11/2011: Dassault Falcon Service, Paris providing the WS 120 oxygen system by EMS on their flights.

EMS provides security at offshore installations

01/04/2011: Emergency oxygen systems by EMS ensure the safety at installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms in the North Sea.

New mobility for Home Care patients

02/17/2011: From mid-2011, the new mobile and ultra-lightweight oxygen systems for private use (Home Care) will be available. The Ambulatory Health approval is in preparation.

6.081 meter a. s. - world height record for serial motor vehicles!


record_16_g.jpgEMS with its Wenoll-System WS 120 with INSPO2 Module is the official supplier of the world height record for serial motor vehicles which was set up in the year 2005 with a Volkswagen Touareg “Expedition”. The systems were proved to be absolutely reliable and effective oxygen systems – even in great heights. So the oxygen concentration in the blood of the world record holders increased after application of the Wenoll-System from under 70% to over 95%! - and that in a height of over 6.000 meters above sea level! Due to the extremely light-weight systems and the long-lasting treatment duration of over 10 hours the Wenoll-Systems were perfect attendants of this world record. None of the team members had problems or typical symptoms of the mountain illness, even nobody was trained specially for this event and no classic height adaptation was done.

The team around Rainer Zietlow and Ronald Bormann reached the world record height of 6.081 meters above sea level at 2 pm on 29. of January 2005 at the volcano Ojos del Salado at Chile.

For every reached meter, the team dedicated 50 Euro Cent to the SOS village for homeless children at Santiago de Chile. The children are happy to receive over 3,000 Euros.